Hey DUDE! I'm Angela, and I’m an open book. Everything I do is for the love of art and helping people and I want you to be as comfortable as possible on your wedding day.

I absolutely love what I do. When I'm not working, you might see me working out, grabbing tacos, or playing Cards Against Humanity with my friends and family.

I love spending time with silly, down-to-earth people in a positive, uplifting atmosphere of love, joy and creativity. 

My approach to photography is deeply rooted in the art world. I developed my style of photography & editing through working many years as portrait painter before diving deep into wedding photography, which is why my photographs often resemble paintings.

My painted portrait work has been collected internationally, and nationally including: the Canary Islands, California, North Carolina, Indiana, New Jersey and Texas. My wedding photography journey has taken me to Houston, Dallas, Big Bend, and, very soon, even Florida. I'm so extremely grateful for every single one of my clients, and for the others yet to come.

Every #RSCouple remembers the adventure, experience, and fun when they look back through their photographs. That's why I've been so fortunate to have won multiple awards and have a steady 5/5 star rating over the years. I'm incredibly grateful.

Don't take it from me, though. Here's an exact excerpt from a beautiful bride that I photographed in Maui for her elopement:
"From the beginning she was on it. She met every guest and treated them all just as special as the bride. She captured every little moment even the ones that you didn’t think were important. She and her husband were very awesome in capturing our wedding. Thank y’all very much! We are very satisfied!” 

I want you to have the same experience she had. I want to be your wedding photographer. I am super excited to hear from you, so let's chat and let's get your wedding date on my calendar before someone else books me and snags your wedding date!

Heyyyy! I'm Angela

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-Angela Schwengler

P.S. Texting me is the fastest way to get a response! If you would like to chat on the phone, or Facetime, I am TOTALLY okay with that, but my schedule is crazy, and my hands are often covered in paint, or I am at a session, so it takes me a while to get to the phone! 

To make a long long story short

hidden talent


Fun fact

bucket list Item

Guilty Pleasure

fav breakfast foodS

Favorite tv shows

Favorite Music

Netflix's You

knitting + sewing + Yoga

green smoothies, the beach + dancing

tacos & smoothie bowls

Aurora Borealis

I can wiggle my ears

classical guitar + Painter

Soul + Metal

Favorite Hobbies

sherlock & Schitt's Creek

Favorite Scientist

Favorite Comedian

Neil Degrasse Tyson

Chris D'elia

let's go on an adventure together

Other than being super nerdy (let's be honest) I love traveling as much as I love working in this industry. Due to COVID-19, I am limiting travel currently, but for weddings in 2021+, I am booking beyond Texas unless anything should change.

Photography is art, and art is life! I hope that rings true with everything in my work, my reviews and my life. It will ALWAYS be a huge part of my life. I basically bleed paint and color (according to a couple of friends.)

So, let's go on an AMAZING adventure! Let's make it AWESOME!

Bucket List for wedding photography: Honestly? Anywhere there is a beach, or an awesome water feature! Hawaii and Florida are currently top favs and I have photographed weddings there also!

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